Kokokashiko Kumodana

Kokokashiko's Kumodana

"Kumodana" is filled with the traditional techniques of Inami Sculpture of Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture, renowned for its exquisite carvings in temple and shrine transoms and stands.

One of the essential motifs in decorative sculptures for temples and shrines is "clouds." In order to express the sublime and delicate movement of clouds, carvers use different chisels with different blades to carve one by one, and they do not use any polishing tools such as sandpaper, but only the touch of the chisel.

When we think of clouds, we envision a sacred place beyond our reach. Consider placing not only ofuda but also papers or amulets with heartfelt wishes written on them, upon Kumodana, adorning it at a high and bright spot where sunlight pours in. With a magnet embedded on the back, adorned with a thumbtack, you can easily mount it by pressing it against the wall.

Put your hands together with a grateful heart and pray for the happiness of someone you care about. If there is such a place in daily life, the person who prays will be able to keep a happy heart.

For those who want to have a place to pray. And for those who are looking for an opportunity to pray. We offer you a Kumodana of fluttering clouds that is both powerful, majestic, and graceful.

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Individual Difference

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Please refrain from using this product for purposes other than its intended use, as it may cause cracking depending on your environment and method of use. Video 1 Video 2

Size: About W225xD40xH78mm
Weight: About 145g
Material: Cinnamomum Camphora (Japan)
Production: Inami Sculpture Carvers (Production), Inami Sculpture Cooperative (Supervision), Y2 (Planning)

*Thumbtacks are not included.
*"Kumodana" is a registered trademark of 360°, which operates Kokokashiko.
*Each product differs in a wood pattern, color, and shape.

Price: 22,700 JPY



Kokokashiko is a brand that considers the shape of "prayer." Founded in 1908 in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, known as the city of Takaoka copperware, the wholesaler and manufacturer of Buddhist altar fittings works with creators from all over Japan to offer a variety of tools for prayer.


22,700 JPY

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