Yama No Katachi's Safflower-Glazed Pottery

It was made by imagining "Yamagata's earthenware" at Shiratakacho in Yamagata which is the best safflower producing place in Japan. Safflower in Shiratakacho is used as a glaze. Please use as a cup and sobachoko, etc.


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Yama No Katachi
Safflower-Glazed Pottery

Size: Ø70xH80mm
Weight: About 142g
Production: Shiratakacho in Yamagata Prefecture (Miyama Kobo Tsuchi Dango)

Price: 2,625 JPY


Yama No Katachi

Founded in the Spring of 2014 in Yamagata, Japan. Connecting Yamagata's contour and lifestyle, Yama No Katachi is a design label making products that should be in Yamagata, in Yamagata.

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