Adachi Shigehisa Shoten Uragoshi

Adachi Shigehisa Shoten's Uragoshi (Strainer)

Yamada in Teradomari, Niigata Prefecture, a region adjacent to the Sea of Japan, is home to the union of the sieve industry since the Edo period, and products such as a sieve, tea strainer, and steaming basket were actively produced.

Adachi Shigehisa Shoten inherits the history of Yamada and has now become the only long-established workshop of round wooden chip boxes in Niigata Prefecture. Their seiro (steaming basket) persistently follows the traditional production procedure. Adachi Shigehisa Shoten continues to produce authentic products applying the inherited techniques.

Please enjoy the traditional techniques that live in our modern world at home.


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Including a spatula.

Adachi Shigehisa Shoten
Uragoshi (Strainer)

Strainer made of horsehair, cherished by pastry chefs and professional cooks as well.

Size: About Ø222xH90mm
Weight: About 173g
Material: Japanese Cypress (Body), Cherry Bark, Horse Hair (Net)

Price: 14,500 JPY


Adachi Shigehisa Shoten

Founded in 1830. Applying the inherited traditional techniques, Mr. Teruhisa Adachi, who's the 11th generation at Adachi Shigehisa Shoten, makes each individual products by hand. He is the only Magewappa craftsman in Niigata Prefecture.

Adachi Shigehisa Shoten
Wappa Seiro

8,500 JPY~

Adachi Shigehisa Shoten

5,000 JPY

Adachi Shigehisa Shoten

14,500 JPY

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