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Cat Water Bowl of Otani Ware

Cat Water Bowl Izumi was born through a collaboration of a pottery in Otani with a 130-year history, oldest among other kilns in the village of Otani ware, a specialty good of Tokushima Prefecture, and the planning company Rinn, which specializes in pet goods.

Its hue, Scandinavian in taste, and its matte feel of material were developed through more than 20,000 types of tests, by first singling out the best local-made material, such as Otani's red clay and Awa's bluestone. The characteristic design, simple and plump in appearance, produces moderate weight and stability, and thus, it is safe and reliable. Further, the bowl can hold up to 350ml of water.

As it was announced by the British research institute of International Cat Care, we now know that ceramic is the most suitable material for cat's eating utensils. Moreover, the height of the bowl is set under the supervision of the veterinarian, as to reduce the stress of cats drinking water.

How about Cat Water Bowl Izumi for the healthy daily life of your pet cat, who's an important member of your family? It is truly a masterpiece suitable for gifts to cat lovers.


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Cat Water Bowl IZUMI

Size: Ø12.5xH10cm/About 350cc
Weight: About 500g
Material: Ceramic

Price: 6,296 JPY



Rinn was established in 2013 in Tokyo. RINN is the brand to propose a high-quality pet life.

Cat Water Bowl IZUMI

6,296 JPY

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