Nagatanien Ibushigin

Nagatanien's Smoking Earthenware Pot, Ibushigin

The earthenware pot "Ibushigin" allows you to enjoy smoking at home. By filling the space between the body and the lid with water and sealing the gap, the smoke and aroma of the smoked food do not leak outside. You can enjoy smoking at home without hesitation.

Due to the ultra‐red ray effect of the earthenware pot, smoked food is ready in a short time, approximately 10 minutes after turning on the heat and 20 minutes after turning off the heat.

Because Ibushigin is an earthenware pot that is capable of no-water burning, it can also be used for roast pork and baked potatoes.

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Roast Donabe


Recipe Video

Size: About Ø235xH180mm/1200ml
Weight: About 3kg
Material: Pottery (Black Ameyu)
Includes: Wire Netting (Upper and Lower), 100g Cherry Chips
Available: Open Flame/Oven
Unavailable: Dishwasher/Induction Heating

Price: 15,000 JPY



Nagatanien, which carries on the traditions and techniques of Iga pottery, was founded in 1832 in Iga City, Mie Prefecture. The brand is dedicated to manufacturing products that are always in step with the times while responding to evolving lifestyles.


15,000 JPY

Roast Donabe

16,000 JPY

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