Kagoshima Takeseihin Onioroshi

Kagoshima Takeseihin's Onioroshi

"Onioroshi" is a cooking utensil so named because of its sharp, jagged projections that resemble the teeth of an oni (demon). Grated vegetables are fluffy and crispy at the same time because they contain plenty of air.

The special saucer makes the grater stable and convenient to use as a serving dish after grating.

By coarsely grating, Onioroshi is great for tasting food without destroying fiber and nutrients., and can be used throughout the year for dressing, one-pot dishes, condiments for noodles, grated rice bowls, hamburger steaks, and so on.

Super happy with my products, will definitely buy again.
L.K. from UK

I was taking advantage of strong USD to Japanese ¥, and I am glad I did order many things! :-) Everything arrived in less than anticipated time frame for delivery and is in perfect condition due to the efficiently and meticulously packed merchandise! I am still mesmerized how efficient Japanese way of packing so many items in this box with no space wasted, yet it is so obvious that it was done with TLC so nothing is damaged! I learned as I unpacked! Everybody needs to learn packing like Japanese! :-) Opening the package was a great pleasure with a sense of anticipation and mystery even though I knew what I ordered. You could feel the TLC when unwrapping each item like it is coming from a good friend! I felt confident as always ordering beautiful products from Shokunin, as they are of good quality which will last a long time if I take care of them well and hope could extend their life to the next generation. I kept telling my son that he would inherit those beautiful items ;-). Wish I could get everything they offer..:-).
F.P. from USA

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Kagoshima Takeseihin

Set of grater and saucer. Video

Size: About 305x88x30mm (Grater), About 235x97x35mm (Saucer)
Weight: About 127g (Grater), About 130g (Saucer)
Material: Natural Moso Bamboo from Kagoshima Prefecture (or around the border of the prefecture), Urethane Coating
Production: Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Unavailable: Dishwasher/Dryer

*Please be careful not to exert excessive force when grating hard vegetables such as squash, as the blade may break. Please note that due to the natural nature of the material, the strength of the blade may vary from piece to piece.

Price: 3,800 JPY


Kagoshima Takeseihin

In Kagoshima Prefecture, which has the largest bamboo forest area in Japan, various tools have been made using bamboo since the time of the ancient Hayato people, so much so that "Kagoshima's folk crafts are bamboo folk crafts." Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources on the planet, and its durability and suitability for reuse make it an environmentally friendly natural material.

Kagoshima Takeseihin

3,800 JPY

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