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The concept is "a paper cup, that lasts forever"

Using paper cup's shape as a subject, Glocal Standard Products's Kop is a wooden cup produced by using the thin-sawing technologies in Yamanaka, Ishikawa Prefecture, a city known to be the biggest lacquerware producing center in Japan.

Although paper cups have been popular for a long time, with a practical shape that has been deeply researched, once they are used, they are soon thrown away. However, unlike these paper cups, Kop can be washed and used for many times.

It is also popular for gifts. Receivers would surely be amazed by the thinness of its grain that is see-through.

I am THRILLED with my wooden cups. I have posted about them on Facebook with a link and several people have ordered them. So thank you again!
K.L. from Australia

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It looks like a paper cup, but it is made of wood.

Size: About H80xØ70mm
Capacity: About 200ml
Weight: About 5g
Material: Japanese Cherry Birch (Urethane Coating)
Production: Ishikawa Prefecture
Unavailable: Microwave/Dishwasher

Price: 3,800 JPY

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Under the policy of "Think globally, act locally. Think locally, act globally," Glocal Standard Products aims to provide standard products that are fair and everlasting.

Tsubame Dripper

4,200 JPY

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