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A desk-cooking stove to enjoy a small charcoal grilling

Kokiridashi is a portable cooking stove to enjoy "small charcoal grilling" on low heat. They are made by mining diatomaceous earth under the ground of Suzu, Noto, maintaining the form of its stratum, and cutting out the products mostly through hand-carving, using a special chisel.

Although it can't be used to grill meat and fish like barbecue, as it is able to thoroughly grill foods on low heat, the extreme infrared radiation of charcoal fire heats ingredients, such as nibbles for drinks, from the core.

Try utilizing Kokiridashi as tools to enrich your everyday life, by using it when drinking at home, or when hosting friends. We recommend Kokiridashi as gifts to friends who love alcohol as well.


I was very pleased with the quality of the items and the overall quality of the packing and shipment. Keep up the good work. It is very valuable for foreign business like us at Hotel Regina Adelaide to have access to quality Japanese handcrafted goods.
N.T. from Italy

I’m very happy with my order. They are beautiful products and have been packaged very well. The delivery is super fast. Will definitely come back and buy more.
X.W. from Australia


This item is usually shipped in 3 business days. If out of stock, we will inform you of the estimated shipping date.

Trial Set (No Charcoal)

Simple Set (No Charcoal)

Kokiridashi Trial Set

Trial Set includes an original bag and a coaster.

Size: About 125x125xH90(Body)/About 150x150(Net)/About Ø150xH10(Coaster)mm
Weight: About 376g (Body)
Material: Diatomaceous Earth in Ishikawa, Japan (Body), Iron and Zinc (Net), 60% Wool and 40% Rayon (Coaster), 100% Cotton (Bag)
Production: Noto Ensyouki (Body)

*Charcoal is not included.

Price: 6,930 JPY


Kokiridashi Simple Set

Size: About 125x125xH90(Body)/About 150x150(Net)mm
Weight: About 376g (Body)
Material: Diatomaceous Earth in Ishikawa, Japan (Body), Iron and Zinc (Net)
Production: Noto Nenshoki (Body)

*Charcoal is not included.

Price: 4,900 JPY



A brand of small, portable stoves used for cooking with charcoal, made by Sendagaya Design Office in cooperation with Noto Nenshoki.

Kokiridashi Set

4,900 JPY~

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